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Tankless Water Heaters

Save energy and money with a new Tankless Water Heater

An Overview of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters previously more popular in Japan and Europe region are nowadays gaining a reputation in the US too. The initiative behind such tankless systems is that they heat water as and only when required and not continuously. Also such systems are highly recommended by plumbers since they last at least ten years more than the conventional heaters. Moreover these heaters are definitely something to look into as they need much less space and even cater to one's incessant hot water requirements. No wonder that the tank less water heaters are often known as the instantaneous and inline water heaters and are the latest alternatives to the traditional ones.

The tankless water heaters can be run on electricity, natural gas or propane, but in each case they make use of very less energy and hence save a lot on the energy bills. Among these, the water heaters run on gas can heat large amounts of water more rapidly than the ones run on electricity which need access to lots of electric power to heat water faster. Yet the tank less water heaters are highly energy efficient with ratings almost up to 99%. They are capable of supplying hot water to the whole house hold and to different appliances! Being small units, they can be placed in easy to access areas like under the sinks. Thus owing to their small size, they can also be used in a combination with the central water heater of the house hold.

Tankless Water Heater from RinnaiSome reasons why the tank less water heaters are gaining popularity will be as follows:

  • Unlimited hot water- As water gets heated while it passes through the system; a limitless supply of hot water is available throughout.
  • Offer minimum water damage chances-Since the tankless water heaters have no containers to store water, the occurrences of water damage due to leaks or holes are nil.
  • Size- Owing to their tiny size, these water heaters can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • Environmentally Friendly- As these heaters are designed to use only gas and water while being used, one does not waste other resources as compared to conventional water heater.
  • Longevity-The tankless water heaters have no tanks and hence last long. The conventional water heaters get damaged fast as they have standing water in their tanks which bring about corrosion even to the pipes and other fittings.

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