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Sewer / Septic - Installation, Repair, Replacement

Sewer - Raleigh, Apex and Cary, NC Plumber

        For houses with a sewer connection, there are a few perils that may affect your home's wastewater system. Roots can infiltrate sewer lines, crowding in the pipe, filling it with dirt and gravel, and allowing sewage to escape into your yard. Extreme weather, ground shifting, or excessive weight on the ground above the pipe can cause fractures, collapse, or damaged seams.
        Using In Line Cameras, we can examine the integrity of the sewer line and identify the location and type of the problem, and thus discover the most cost-effective solution. It may be roots or other blockages that Hydro Jetting may be able to clear, Septic System and Sewer Repair Maintenance Raleigh, NCor a damaged pipe segment that must be replaced. If pipe repairs must be made, special equipment helps us pinpoint the problem area so the excavation causes minimal disturbance to your yard and landscaping.

Septic - Raleigh, Apex and Cary, NC Plumber

        As experienced installers of septic systems, both conventional and alternative, we can help you plan and construct the septic that maximizes efficiency and minimizes impact to your yard and landscape. We can work with your builder, the city, and other agencies to take your septic from plans to completion.
        If your septic system is in need of repairs, we're here to help. We've got the tools and experience to solve all types of septic system problems from poor flow, leaks, and damage to overflow, maintenance, and replacement.

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